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1 strange and unconventional behavior
2 (geometry) a ratio describing the shape of a conic section; the ratio of the distance between the foci to the length of the major axis; "a circle is an ellipse with zero eccentricity"
3 a circularity that has a different center or deviates from a circular path [ant: concentricity]

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From Greek εκκεντρικός ekkentrikos, from εκ- ek "from" + κεντρικός kentrikos "of the center, central"


  1. The quality of being eccentric; any eccentric behaviour.
  2. The ratio, constant for any particular conic section, of the distance of a point from the focus to its distance from the directrix


the quality of being eccentric
eccentric behaviour
a ratio between distances in a conic section

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Eccentricity may refer to:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aberrance, aberrancy, aberration, abnormality, abnormity, absurdity, absurdness, amorphism, animus, anomalism, anomalousness, anomaly, aptitude, arrhythmia, asininity, battiness, bent, bias, bizarreness, bizarrerie, brainlessness, brokenness, buffoonery, capriciousness, cast, character, choppiness, clownishness, constitution, crackpottedness, crankiness, craziness, daffiness, derangement, desipience, desultoriness, deviability, deviation, diathesis, difference, disconnectedness, discontinuity, disposition, divergence, drollery, drollness, erraticism, erraticness, fatuity, fatuousness, fibrillation, fickleness, fitfulness, fits and starts, flightiness, fluctuation, folly, foolery, foolheadedness, foolishness, freakishness, frivolity, frivolousness, funniness, giddiness, goofiness, grain, heteromorphism, hilarity, humorousness, idiocy, idiosyncrasy, imbecility, impulsiveness, inanity, inclination, incongruity, inconsistency, inconstancy, individualism, ineptitude, inferiority, insanity, instability, intermittence, irregularity, jerkiness, kidney, laughability, leaning, ludicrousness, lunacy, madness, make, makeup, mental set, mercuriality, mettle, mind, mind-set, mindlessness, mold, monstrosity, moodiness, nature, niaiserie, nonuniformity, nugacity, nuttiness, patchiness, predilection, predisposition, preference, pricelessness, proclivity, propensity, quaintness, queerness, quizzicalness, restlessness, richness, ridiculousness, roughness, sappiness, screwiness, senselessness, set, shiftiness, silliness, slant, spasticity, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, stagger, stamp, strain, streak, stripe, stupidity, subnormality, superiority, temper, temperament, tendency, teratism, the funny side, thoughtlessness, triflingness, triviality, turn, turn of mind, twist, type, uncertainty, undependability, unevenness, unfixedness, unmethodicalness, unnaturalism, unnaturalness, unpredictability, unreliability, unsettledness, unstableness, unsteadfastness, unsteadiness, unsystematicness, variability, variation, variety, wackiness, wantonness, warp, waywardness, weirdness, whimsicality, whimsicalness, witlessness, wittiness, wobble, zaniness, zanyism
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